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Purchasing the healthy sports beer 

In Germany, JoyBräu is available in all major distribution channels for the market, including e-commerce, Gyms, and sports clubs, or in retail. Currently, we are working at full speed to be able to offer you our delicious vegan beers as everywhere as possible. You can already order our functional beer online. But also, in supermarkets the BCAA and vitamin beers will be available soon. Until then, why don't you try all the varieties of our sports beers and experience a tasty surprise, both functionally and taste-wise.

JoyBräu is the new trend drink in bars & restaurants

Serving functional beer in a restaurant or bar? Let’s give it a try! Because all of our vegan protein beers are still based on natural, healthy, delicious beer! The trend for a healthier lifestyle is on the rise, especially in regard to non-alcoholic beer. Then why not follow the trend and offer JoyBräu in the gastronomy? Our functional beer provides many benefits. In addition to trendy health-promoting ingredients such as vitamins, proteins & caffeine, the refreshing taste of beer remains. Cheers to or vegan sports drinks! 

The ideal choice for an active day

After a successful day at the gym, our healthy beer is the perfect trendy drink. Take a couple of sports beers with you to the gym and drink our energy beer before the workout and our protein beers like the grapefruit with 21g protein directly after the workout. This way, you are perfectly prepared for your active training day because our functional brews support you in regeneration, muscle building, or concentration. Enjoyable at any time and ready-to-drink anywhere you like. JoyBräu for more well-being and the health-conscious consumer of tomorrow.

 Protein and functional beer bundle 

Do you want to try all the functional beers right away? Buy our beer bundles and try three delicious sports beers at once. The protein bundle provides you with our three protein beers, which are perfect for a sporty day. Our functional bundle, on the other hand, provides you with valuable nutrients that we have added to our healthy beers. By the way, all our sports beers are naturally brewed, and without any artificial additives, so you can reach for the can without worrying about side effects. Already today, we are able to offer functional beers for muscle building, diet, vegan nutrition and regeneration.