Our promise: We only use the good stuff! Genuinely brewed German non-alcoholic beer meets functional, natural health ingredients and natural fruit flavors - that's it! 




Our beers have nothing to hide from you. 
Based on our worldwide unique, patentend technology we brew award-winning non-alcoholic beers with superb taste and functional health benefits. 
Together we create the future of beer for the health-conscious consumers of tomorrow. Developed by athletes for athletes with the highest quality ingredients on the market. Without artificial additives, sweeteners or sugar.




Brewed according to the German purity law. To achieve a consistent level of quality in the beer brewing process, the German Beer Purity Law dictates that the ingredients for beer must exclusively be water, yeast, barley malt, and hops. For our sports beers, other ingredients are added only after the traditional brewing process via our patented, signature technology.


Naturally non-alcoholic 

Due to our special brewing process and our patented, unique yeast, all our sports beers contain significantly less than 0.5% alcohol. According to German legislation and that of most countries around the world, this extremely low level of alcohol is considered alcohol-free. For example, a ripe banana or an opened carton of milk contain significantly more alcohol. This way, we can avoid unsustainable and flavor-destroying destillation processes to remove the alcohol.


100% VEGAN

All our functional beers are plant-based and suitable for the vegan diet. For our protein beers, we use high-grade essential amino acids and proteins derived from the yellow pea to maximize health benefits and bioavailability.


Natural Fruit Flavors 

You enjoy a Radler or other fruit flavors in your beer? We do, too! What we don't like, however, is all the sugar and artificial additives that come with mix beers. Thats why we've invested in research and made the impossible reality: all our fruit-flavored functional brews only use natural fruit flavors and plant extracts for the aroma profiles. All natural, all good.


Give your Dad the gift of perfectly done steaks



Our beers are brewed in a small, 150-year-old traditional brewery in germany. With the highest quality standards and the valuable ingredients from the region, you enjoy the best German beer without compromise. 


Together with the Technical University of Berlin, we initially developed our special process for producing our sports beers in over two years of research. Only after the traditional brewing process do we add functional ingredients and ensure our excellent taste in a slow blending process. Today, we continue to research our products and processes together to make functional beer even better. 


Even if protein beer doesn't sound particularly natural at first, we only add all the good stuff. No artificial flavors, no frills, no whey - promised! Unlike many other protein drinks, we don't use sweeteners or added industrial sugar to give you your natural and easily digestible functional refreshment. 


Brewed with real beer 

All our functional beers are brewed like traditional beer but with a decisive difference. We have developed a patented technology to combine the delicious taste and health benefits resulting from the natural brewing process with added functional values such as high protein and vitamin content. As a naturally brewed beverage, beer is a super base for healthy drinks and tastes simply sensational. Thus, our functional beers are considered "alcohol-free" under German and EU regulations and serve as a vegan protein drink with the taste of beer. For us, JoyBräu means, functional beer enjoyment in every life situation.

Without any artificial additives 

Without any artificial additives JoyBräu’s functional brews are produced without any artificial additives. Thus, our sports beers are naturally low-calorie and low-sugar. For example, our protein content in our sports beers comes from the yellow pea, so our functional brews are also vegan beers and suitable for any type of diet. And the best is that, by drinking the healthy beers of JoyBräu, customers do not need to sacrifice enjoyment as the basis is still beer made in Germany. Even our selected ingredients are natural, plant-based, and of high quality.

The benefits of functional beer 

Ready & easy-to-drink, JoyBräu is the perfect companion, and for anyone who is passionate about sport with friends, identifies with their sport, and places a high value on health and nutrition. The category functional beer is where trendy health-promoting ingredients such as proteins, vitamins & caffeine meet refreshing beer flavor. The results are BCAA beers, vitamin beers, and energy beers. Also, vegan sports drinks are perfect to achieve the best possible results in training. Benefits as improving performance and enhancing muscle growth. No sports drink is as refreshing and sociable, no beer is as healthy as JoyBräu’s sports beers.

 Unique and innovative sports drinks 

 Unique and innovative sports drinks JoyBräus functional brews are unique and innovative. The unique composition and our patents, which are, by the way, impossible to copy, have already won us many awards. We are constantly working and researching to add new and unique functional sports beers to our range. Our vision: we make healthy nutrition easy, delicious and joyful, always comes first. At the same time, we want to maximize well-beering around the globe and address top trends such as conscious consumption, sustainability, and innovation.